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Attention 40+ Year Old Mountain Bikers:
 Looking For The "Fountain of Youth" For Your Mountain Bike Riding?
Not Willing To Give Up Riding and Training Strong After 40?
Learn the secrets to improving your health and durability while enjoying riding even more as you get older!
As a kid I remember that I could see myself being 30-something but 40 seemed pretty old, almost like life was pretty much over at that point.

I laugh looking back on it now because one day I woke up and I’m the “old guy”. And while life is far from being over, at the same time I have to admit to myself that things certainly aren’t the same.

By the time we hit 40 a lot of us have some wear and tear going on. Maybe it is from a previous injury or maybe it’s just time catching up with us but either way, making sure that we can improve our strength and power on the trail without blowing ourselves up in the process is important. 
For me personally, I was having to work around some injuries that I had accrued. From busted up shoulders and elbows to a strained low back and a torn meniscus in my knee, I had injured just about every major joint in my body and I could easily strain something in training, riding or even everyday life if I wasn’t careful. 

All of this meant that the workouts I used to get myself into top shape when I was younger just weren’t working as well as I got closer to 40 years old. But I certainly didn’t want to give up strength training and the benefits I knew I got from it as well.

I had to learn how to balance training hard with being easy on my body in the process. And not just for me but for my clients a well – more and more of the riders that I heard from and worked with were 40-50 years old had the same problems I did with trying to train hard enough to see results but not blowing themselves up in the process.

All of this led me to start looking for methods that helped improve strength and fitness while also maintaining or even improving your overall durability. 
The 40+ MTB Rider Program helps you get stronger while taking into account the usual wear and tear that most of us have accumulated over the years. 
The 40+ MTB Rider Mountain Bike Training Program is a 90-day program designed to target the needs of the       40+ year mountain bike rider. 
As you get older the standard training methods for a 20-30 year old body just don't work as well. This program specifically targets staying healthy and durable as you get older.
The 40+ Rider Workout Program is EVERYTHING that you need in order to you succeed:
  • 90 Day Strength and Conditioning Program that improves your MTB specific power and fitness while also focusing on improving your overall health and durability.
  • 90 Day Skills Training Plan to help you improve your technical skills and efficiency on the trail, which is the real key to improved endurance as we get older.
  • 3 Mobility Routines that focus on improving the mobility in key areas for us to move efficiently on the bikes and remain pain free in everyday life.
  • 3 Yoga sessions with Ryan Leech, world famous mountain bike pro and certified yoga instructor, where Ryan will take you through longer mobility sessions that focus on opening up areas commonly bound up in mountain bikers.
  • Mountain Bike Supplement and Nutrition Manual going over the right strategies to help you eat right to fuel your training efforts. I also include a 7 Day Meal Plan and my Nutrition Handouts to give you the tools you need to make sense of this sometimes confusing subject.
  • Sample Weekly Training Plan showing you how to put everything together with your trail rides to optimize your results and energy levels.
  • Recovery Tracking Spreadsheet to help you monitor your readiness and avoid overtraining and burnout before it happens.
What Will You Learn?
  • Find ways to improve your strength and fitness without having to place a lot of load on the body.  Density is a little known and often forgotten about training variable that lets you improve your strength and fitness without having to add weight or reps.
  • Focus on efficiency and not excessive cardio training. The truth is that too much cardio training can be bad for you, especially as you get older. Excessive, chronic cardio leaves is tough on your body and it doesn't really help as much as you would think. Becoming more efficient on the bike - i.e. improving your skills - is the real key to improving your endurance as you get older and focusing on them as much as "riding hard" becomes important.
  • Learn how to work with your body and focus on expanding your 80%, not hammering against your 100%. The old “no pain, no gain” motto can work when your 25 but when you're 40+ you need to go with “expand my comfort zone, don’t focus on my limits”. Most of your rides and workouts should be easy enough to recover from easily and your focus should be on recovery and energy management, not “working hard”. Use hard workouts and rides sparingly and moderate and easy workouts as the staple of your program.
  • How to crawl like a baby to ride like a man (or woman). Crawling and getting up and down off of the ground are extremely valuable movement for us that a lot of us start to struggle with when we hit 40. Making sure that you have ground based elements in your training keeps your body healthy off the bike and working better on it.
  • Work on maintaining and improving your mobility. We lose mobility faster than strength or cardio as we get older. As we lose our mobility we start to move less efficiently and we open ourselves up to more injuries. Keeping your movement quality up is a top priority for us and focusing on our mobility becomes more important the older we get.
Best of all, you can get it all for only $19!
Still not convinced this is the best investment you can possibly make as a 40+ year old mountain biker? Read on…
Something else to keep in mind… since the program was designed by a mountain biker who understands that you would rather be out on the trail riding than in the gym working out each workout is designed to keep you safe while building strength. 

The program also does not require any fancy equipment to complete. In fact, it is designed to reflect what everyone should have available to them in either a commercial or home gym setting. Some dumbbells or kettlebells, a bench and a pull up bar or Ab Wheel are all that you need to complete each workout. 

Again, it is not about baffling you with a bunch of fancy stuff; it is about delivering a true mountain bike specific program with exercises and equipment that deliver fast and noticeable results.
Plus, I am so confident that The 40+ Rider Workout Program will dramatically impact your riding that I am going to back it up with a full 60 day money back guarantee!
If you are not convinced that this is the single best strength and conditioning program you have ever seen to improve your riding… if you do not feel that it has helped your riding out more than you expected then simply return it within 60 days and I will gladly refund 100% of you money. I do not want to simply take your money, I want to help you get results. If I am unable to do that then I do not want to keep your investment.

Seriously, where else are you going to get anything even remotely close the sheer amount of quality information and workout programs for this price? It literally comes out to less than a $1 per day investment for this comprehensive and progressive 3 month program that is unlike anything else previously available to you as a mountain bike rider!

You can not even get a decent cup of coffee for $1 and now, for less than that, you have the opportunity to get your hands on the best upgrade you can possibly make to your riding. Plus, it comes with a money back guarantee – let’s see that kind of promise backing up the next bike part you buy!
So, just that we are clear on everything you get:
  • 40+ Rider Workout Program e-manual (immediately downloadable upon completion of purchase) covering absolutely everything that you need to know in order to take your riding to levels never before possible.
  • A  3 month training program covering MTB specific mobility, strength and cardio workouts designed to systematically improve your ability to ride as you get older
  • Customized training logs for each Phase of the 3 month workout program.
  • The 40+ Rider Workout Program exercise demos which demonstrates every single strength and mobility exercise.
  • Nutrition, Supplement and Skills info to help you get the most out of your workouts.
  • My ironclad 60 Day Money Back Guarantee which ensures that you have absolutely nothing to lose.

I usually charge $200-$300 per month for programs (which makes 12 months of programs valued at over $3000) however all of it can be yours for only $19! For less than an XO or XTR rear derailer that can get destroyed by a single wayward rock (I’ve been there!) you get to invest in something that will last for as long as you are a mountain biker – an improved, more injury resistant “engine” to drive your bike.

This is over $3000 worth of my best programs for just $19!
Click on the Order Now button below to take advantage of it and get started on the journey towards becoming the rider you want to be with less time and effort than you ever thought possible.
Yes, I’m ready to take my riding to the next level. I know that older riders need to train differently and never has an opportunity like this been available for me to get into the best riding shape possible and have more fun than ever!
I also understand that I have absolutely nothing to lose since you back your program with an industry best 60 day money back guarantee. I’m going to click on the Order Now button below and take advantage of  40+ Rider MTB Workout Program today!
So the choice is yours. If you are serious about maximizing your riding potential then this is what you have been waiting for…take advantage of this opportunity today and get more out or your riding!

Ride Strong,
James Wilson
MTB Strength Training System

P.S. Remember that you can download the e-manual immediately and it contains the links to the video demos and audio files, meaning that you can get started on the program right away! In 90 days you can completely change your riding or you can be the same rider you are today. Take action today and take control of your performance on the trail, click on the Order Now button to get started today.
Still have some questions? 
What equipment do I need to do the workouts?

To complete the workouts in the 40+ Rider Program you will need access to a foam roller, a set of dumbbells or kettlebells ranging from 20-50 pounds (adjustable dumbbells or kettlebells are fine),  a chin up bar OR and Ab Wheel and a bench.

How much time each week does it take to see results?

The program is scalable to the amount of time you have available, from as little as 2 hours up to 10-12 hours week. By making sure that you focus on the things that deliver the biggest impact on the trail you can see noticeable results in much less time. In fact, I’ve had more than one rider tell me that it almost feels like cheating when you see how little you really have to do to see an impact on your riding.

Isn’t strength training only for Downhillers and Freeriders?

Strength training can help you excel at the more aggressive side of riding like standing pedaling, railing through rock gardens and exploding into bunny hops and off jumps. All of these things are usually associated with Downhilling or Freeriding but they aren’t exclusive to them. Every mountain biker reading this can benefit from and have more fun as a result of strength training even if you have no idea what the words “chairlift access” or “huck” even mean.

How can The 40+ Rider MTB Workout Program help improve my endurance for longer rides/ races?

While the strength training is definitely a big part of the program, the real goal of it is to improve your efficiency on the bike. It does this through working on your movement off the bike and showing you how to apply that improved movement to the bike through better posture and skills. All of this adds up to you being able to go faster while using less energy. If you want to be able to sustain a strong pace on the trail for 2-6+ hours without spending half your life on a trainer/ road bike then this is the program for you.

Shouldn’t I just ride or do extra cardio training with any extra time I have instead of strength training?

The simplest answer is this – while cardio training can help you improve the size of the gas tank, strength and mobility training can help you improve the efficiency/ gas mileage of the engine. Strength and mobility training, especially when done the way you will in this program, helps you maintain balance and strengthen areas you need on the trail but don’t use enough on the trail to improve like your core and hips. When you move better you will be stronger in the gym and be able to move more efficiently on your bike, especially as you fatigue or the trail gets rough. Just focusing on cardio simply doesn’t improve everything you really need to be a better rider.
NOTE: 40+ Rider Workout Program is a downloadable exercise routine manual. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to download the exercise routine manual and all the bonus reports onto your computer. The exercise routine manual format is adobe acrobat PDF, which can be viewed on Mac or PC.
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